May 6th, 2017, publisher by Fantagraphics released an issue of Worlds Greatest Cartoonists featuring a comic by Matt Furie with laying in a casket at his funeral. That day, CBR, Mary Sue, Mashable & more reported that Furie had "killed" him by publishing the comic

That day, a anonymous user submitted the comic to /pol/, referring to Furie as a "fucking monster" for killing off the character. In the thread, a user posted the full comic zoomed in on the blue-colored character Brett, saying "It's the time for Blepe."

Shortly after, several pictures of Brett drawn in a similar style to were submitted to the thread, with many calling to turn more of 's characters into memes (shown below).

On May 7th, a post requesting additional Blepe illustrations was submitted to the /wsr/ (worksafe requests) board on 4chan, where the original poster revealed that the many were campaigning for Blepe to become the new mascot of the /bant/ (international / random) board.

That day, Redditor Dank_Skeletons submitted a post declaring as "dead" & advising readers to "invest in Brett/Blepe" to /r/MemeEconomy. Meanwhile, Redditor masavo000 submitted screenshots of several Blepe 4chan posts, asking "should we invest in Blepe the blue?"



Meme Heritage: Born out of the iconic $Pepe funeral comic, Blepe carries the torch of internet culture.

Innovation: Blepe Coin brings innovation to the crypto world, marrying memes and currency like never before.

Community-Driven: Inspired by 4chan, Reddit, and meme enthusiasts worldwide, Blepe Coin is a movement fueled by the community.

Invest in the Future: Just as the internet embraced Blepe during the $Pepe funeral, now is the time to invest in the future of memetic currency.

Blepe the Blue: The face of Blepe Coin, the blue character Brett, symbolizes the transformative power of memes.